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Mid-Autumn National Day travel new trend in Yangtze river delta for high-end hotels as a holiday destination

Date: 2013-09-12

The world famous tourism preferential platform company's family of survey, released yesterday, show this year Mid-Autumn National Day travel on new trends, the whole family, old and young to hotel to have a holiday. Shanghai and surrounding within two or three hour drive but the boutique hotel, resort hotel welcomed by twos and threes.
This year National Day coincided with the tourism law implementation, along with shopping, chargeable to cancel, major travel agencies group tourism product price has been increased greatly. As a result, many people on vacation out long sightseeing tourism, and choosing a resort hotel stay for a couple of days, not only in the landscape, can also taste the food, enjoy the hotel rooms, swimming and SPA services. Tourism experts believe that for many of China's consumers ever more upscale hotel to stay in business, business level, never thought specially designed specifically for a certain resort to vacation trip. And now, the city holiday atmosphere is formed gradually, become a new driving force of China's tourism industry.
It is to see the whole family in the hotel consumption trend of National Day, Mid-Autumn festival many who has always given priority to with foreign business people to play the market of high-end brand hotels, in the Mid-Autumn National Day special for local family holiday market, introduction of autumn preferential. More than 10 hotels such as shangri-la hotel group, in every night from 868 yuan to 1550 yuan price for vacation around the crowd; Newly opened, positioning in luxury resort hotel Shanghai guo garden hotel on the price of 898 yuan a night.