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Shanghai shopping festival tourism festival opening ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment across the cover together

Date: 2013-09-12

On September 13, Shanghai shopping festival will be officially launched, followed by the Shanghai tourism festival kicked off on Saturday. Municipal news conference on September 11th, during the period of "double festival", Shanghai many business circle, business and tourist attractions have held various festival activities, shen will have before the National Day this weekend shopping tourism carnival.
September 14 to October 6, during the Shanghai tourism festival, all kinds of brand activities up to 41. According to the city tourism bureau, traditional performance at the opening parade this year a total of 32 project team participation. Among them, the overseas performers including many renowned reached 26. From Poland, Romania, Lithuania, part of the performance team is the first time to join. Another traditional project mass this year with a new romance, participate in the activities of the couple will into the changbai mountain, together with "vows of eternal love, affection on changbai mountain". Is worth looking forward to, on September 14 to September 18, including the Oriental pearl TV tower, Shanghai wildlife park, Shanghai science and technology museum, pujiang tour of the city's 52 GuJing will launch tickets are half price preferential measures.
Through the network platform to realize the online and offline interaction, the shopping section innovation consumption patterns, will become the "shopping" festival. On September 13 to October 7, is expected to have more than 2000 businesses launched 400 theme activity more than 20000 stores. According to introducing, putuo district recommended ten shopping leisure tourism routes, fine gifts and affordable for consumers discount coupons. Qingpu, brand exhibition, covering food, clothing, daily chemical, home, car show and sale, etc. Held "on both sides of the food culture festival" brings together the Shanghai point and Taiwanese food. In addition, huangpu district, zhabei, baoshan, songjiang district, and for their introduced a distinctive, colorful exhibition activities.
Tourism festival this year, during the shopping festival, pudong will regroup every business and tourist attractions.
This year Shanghai shopping festival series of activities in the pudong new area, electricity and store business handshake "joint", pudong well-known store electricity 1 pudong each big business circle, hand in hand together hold 2013 "unionpay cup" shopping's championship. Online produced 1000 contestants through pudong tourism online shopping strategy, lead 10 players, obtain 10000 yuan shopping fund. Later, they will have to eat, drink, play, music, pudong consumer experience, from culture, leisure, nostalgia, fashion angles interprets the connotation of the consumption in the pudong new area, the final ultimate parade was held in late October 5, talent winner will receive 50000 yuan shopping award.
This year tourism festival series of activities in the pudong new area, "send" became a key. On 10 September to October 11, pudong travel network will be "pudong free Tours" rob tickets, will send out thousands of tickets, including the Shanghai international music YanHuaJie, Shanghai wildlife park, Shanghai science and technology museum tickets. Rob ticket activity will last for a month, during which every Tuesday and Friday take turns out spots and event tickets free rob activities, held a total of eight times, each time with tickets on the day of the points 5 hour time period. Public visitors into the relevant page, simply login web site registered to become a member can rob ticket activities, every time send votes ranging from 100 to 100, stocks last.