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"Bicycle ranger" made its debut

Date: 2014-11-07

Yesterday, the Shanghai international marathon, emerged a composed of swat team "bicycle armed rangers team, events during their entire journey along long-distance running team to carry out security work.
At present, the Shanghai police "bicycle ranger" team a total of 20 players, they passed the height, physical fitness, skills, such as layers of selection, and after a long distance cycling, such as vehicle handling necessary training.
According to introducing, when on duty, "bicycle ranger" players wearing combat gear, mountain bike, helmets and other professional equipment, at the same time carry firearms and a fire extinguisher, portable emergency ChuTu fire blanket and other professional equipment.
Launch "bicycle ranger" is the Shanghai public security bureau to explore a new measures of improving the major events security mechanism, realized the "zero distance" of major events security alert, better at key points in the disposal of emergency play the advantages of strong mobility, quick response sensitivity.